Firearms Training For Every Skill Level
Veteran Owned And Operated

About Us

We are dedicated to training in a broad scope of possibilities.  Our instructors have decades of experience in military and civilian shooting, boating and scuba diving, and field medicine. They come from all walks of life and bring their unique experiences to the classroom, range, and ocean.

Here at Tactical Teaching we believe that tactical education and training is for everyone. Whether you've never held a gun before, you want to brush up on your high level skills, or you want to broaden your skillset, we know that there's always more to learn. That's why our expert instructors have built class offerings that range from firearm safety to advanced movement to first aid. We are veteran owned and operated, and always buy American.

Mission Statement

The Second Amendment guarantees us the RIGHT to own and bear arms.

However, we view firearms ownership as a tremendous responsibility that goes beyond a right. We base this philosophy on the reality that your safety and the safety of others may very well depend upon this responsibility. We at the Tactical Training Center want to guide you through this decision and assist you in safely implementing firearms into your life. The safe and appropriate use of a firearm requires skills and, if ultimately used to protect a life, sound judgment. Preparation and skill development are the key; we take this seriously. Our citizen training programs are specifically designed for the person who has made the choice to safely...


  • Basic Safety

  • New Shooter

  • Pistol Shooting

  • Rifle Shooting

  • Shotguns

  • Holster Draw

  • No light/Low light

  • Shooting from cover

  • Depth

  • Width

  • L,X,Zig-Zag

  • Basic Room Entry

  • Shotgun Benching

  • Basic first aid

  • Emergency First aid

  • CPA

  • AED certification

  • Treating a gunshot wound

  • Scuba Basic

  • Scuba Advanced

  • Rescue Scuba

  • Night Diving

  • Wreck Diving

  • Deep Diving